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Digital Dentistry: Patient-Focused Technology

The digital transformation of dentistry is well under way.

“Digital Dentistry” refers to practices in which digital technologies are leveraged and utilized to increase operational efficiency and improve patient outcomes. There are a myriad of benefits Digital Dentistry offers to both clinicians and patients including the reduction of menial tasks, quicker appointments, greater precision, and increased patient satisfaction. Thus, to remain competitive, it is no longer a matter of if, but when, your practice will embrace operating on a digital platform. Over the past several years, the percentage of offices implementing something as simple as digital radiography has skyrocketed from 36.5% in 2007 to over 66% in 2022! 

When thinking of Digital Dentistry in practice, we see it manifest in both patient-focused care provider technology and administrative technology. This month, we will focus on patient-focused technology and next month we will focus on administrative technology and the importance of maintaining a secure environment.  


Patient-Focused Care Provider Technology 

Patient-focused care provider technology includes clinical applications that help to improve patient care and procedure outcomes. These Digital Dentistry technologies include, but are not limited to:

  •  Computerized Treatment Plans 
  •  Digital Radiographs 
  •  Digital Impressions 
  •  Cone Beam CT Imaging 


Computerized Treatment Plans 

Digital treatment plans, like an Invisalign ClinCheck, give patients a visual representation of what their treatment will be and what their final outcome will look like. It helps patients to conceptualize the entire process, making the benefits of your recommended treatment plan clear and easily understood. Digital treatment plans can also help you to efficiently customize and personalize patient care.  

Digital Radiographs 

Digital radiographs, like those produced by Vatech America, expose patients to approximately 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays and provide clearer, instant images. With digital radiographs, you can better diagnose and prevent issues from going untreated. Not to mention, they are easily stored, and images can be transferred to other dental referrals if needed.  

Digital Impressions 

Digital Impressions are used to help map out the anatomy of teeth and replace uncomfortable, traditional impressions. They can be used in prosthodontics and orthodontics to fabricate custom dental appliances. Your patients will greatly appreciate the ease and comfort of digital impressions and you will appreciate the decrease in consumables, increase in speed, and the increase in quality. Learn more from our partner, Dandy, the first fully digital dental lab experience on the market!  

Cone Beam CT Imaging (CBCT) 

This 3-D imaging solution for diagnosis and implant placement provides dentists advanced images of dental and oro-facial anatomy. CBCT’s computerized tomography allows for more accurate treatment, leading to higher implant success and improved patient experience. 


If you would like to learn more about Digital Dentistry or any of the solutions listed above, please reach out to or ask about it during your next technical business review with the customer success team.

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