Computer Memory and Information Storage

Back to the basics here.

Information is stored and accessed in two ways in a computer: The Hard Drive and Random Access Memory (RAM).

The hard drive stores data, the operating system, applications and the configuration of the computer. If you are the type to save everything on your desktop (including documents, movies, music, and pictures), you might need to consider a larger hard drive for your computer (and make sure it is backed up!!).

Ramis where the program executes. It is input and output. Ram likes to spike- the more you have compared to the number of applications you are running, the less it will spike.

Some applications are Ram intensive. Meaning that they require more Ram to functions smoothly. Have you ever used a program that glitches and lags as you attempt to click through and do what you need to do? This could be a simple answer of the device needing more Ram to execute the program.

If you have any questions about your computer’s configuration and how it affects your business workflow- reach out to Iris! We are here to help!

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